About us

lemisfix Electronics is committed to improving the information sharing of all upstream channels to global customers. 

Our products and services involve various fields of the electronics industry, including: military, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, communications, etc. We can provide services to customers in various fields, such as intelligent distribution, cost reduction, demand service consulting, quality management, spot market information consulting, integration services, inventory recovery, etc.

lemisfix.com empowers customers worldwide to fix mobile gadgets themselves through smooth online ordering, high-quality inventory, robust technical support, and competitive prices. We believe that we all have right to repair.

We offer a vast selection of up-to-date disassembly parts, guides and repair videos online, followed by free 24/7 Technical Support via email and phone if our customers need more help. Our goal is to give customers the tools and knowledge they need to do their own repairs anywhere in the world.