Infineon Technologies TLD5099EP DC/DC controller

Infineon Technologies TLD5099EP DC/DC controller

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The TLD5099EP is the newest member of the well-established LITIX Power Family. It is a LED boost controller with built-in protection features. The controller concept of the TLD5099EP allows multiple configurations such as Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, SEPIC, and Flyback by simply adjusting the external components. Thanks to this the TLD5099EP is a quite easy to use and flexible device that comes without SPI but still with a quite powerful feature set. The main difference between the other family members TLD5097EP and TLD5098EP is an integrated spread spectrum feature and an integrated PWM engine.

Key features

  • Constant current or constant voltage regulation
  • Switching frequency range from 100 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Synchronization with an external clock source
  • Analog dimming and PWM dimming feature to adjust average LED current

Additional features

  • Integrated PWM Engine and spread spectrum feature
  • PWMO gate driver for PWM dimming and output disconnection
  • Open circuit detection, short to GND protection, output overvoltage protection
  • Internal soft-start,  over-temperature shutdown


  • Automotive Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Pre-Regulator for Rear Light Applications
  • Daytime Running LED Lights

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