TLD5097EP LED Boost Controller with Built in Protection Features

TLD5097EP LED Boost Controller with Built in Protection Features

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The controller concept of the TLD5097EP allows multiple configurations such as Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, SEPIC and Flyback by simply adjusting the external components. Thanks to this the TLD5097EP is a quite easy to use and flexible device that comes without SPI but still with a quite powerful feature set. It is very similar to TLD5098EP but without a dedicated PWM driver and without short-to-ground protection. Therefore it is a good alternative device for applications where the electronic is integrated into the same housing with the load it is often the case for separately placed day-time-running lights or in some cost-effective LED headlamps.

Summary of Features

  • Single-Channel Multitopology (B2B, B2G, SEPIC, Flyback) DC-DC Controller
  • Constant Current or Constant Voltage Regulation
  • Wide Input Voltage Range from 4.5 V to 45 V
  • Very Low Shutdown Current: I q_OFF < 10 µA
  • Switching Frequency Range from 100 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Synchronization with an external clock source
  • PWM
  • Dimming
  • Analog Dimming feature to adjust average LED current
  • Internal 5 V Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator
  • Open Circuit Detection
  • Output Overvoltage Protection
  • Internal Soft Start
  • Over-Temperature Shutdown
  • 300mV High Side Current Sense to ensure highest flexibility and LED current accuracy
  • Available in a small thermally enhanced PG-SSOP-14 package
  • Automotive AEC Qualified

Potential Applications

  • Automotive interior and exterior lights
  • LED daytime running lights, Low Beam, High Beam or combined Low- and Highbeams
  • Pre-regulator e.g. for rear light applications

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